Sayings of a Gadfly
by Max Maxwell

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 A preacher said, “This world is fallen and corrupt.  Don’t place any value upon this life.  Do not cherish this world. Heaven is where you should place the hopes of your heart.” 

 The Gadfly said, “It is a sad Christian habit to despise this life while hoping for the good of heaven. Too many hunger for the good of heaven while they reject the present good.” 

 The preacher said, “How can you slander Christianity like this?  The world is corrupt.  We are fallen.  There is no value in this worldly life because human beings are all sinners whose only end will be eternal hell.  We can only be saved by Jesus.”  

 The Gadfly replied, “You say that all of this life you see before you is worthless and evil, but I am the slanderer?  No one reaches into the trash in order to save something that belongs there.  But only that which has value will be sought.  Seek out the good in this life.  Embrace that good, and respect it.  For the One who has hand crafted every smiling baby that has ever blessed the eyes of humanity may think more highly of your garbage than you do.”

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© Copyright 2014 Kenneth J Maxwell Jr.