Sayings of a Gadfly
by Max Maxwell

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 A preacher said, “People should just believe the Bible.  We should not question. Questioning is a sign of sinfulness and a lack of faith.”

 The Gadfly said, “To give unquestioning obedience is to make a home for great evil.  But a questioning spirit is sacred to God.” 

 Someone asked, “How can obedience to God be evil?”

 The Gadfly answered, “Unquestioning obedience can exist only through the death of what is best in us.  Will you ask the birds of the air to glorify God by giving up their wings?  Our journey through life is like a voyage upon the sea in a ship with sails.  Sometimes there are very powerful winds that beat upon the sails and threaten the ship.  Yet it is only when the sails are full of wind that such a ship can make progress in its voyage.  To face the storm of life’s questions may be a threatening and uncomfortable experience.  But our spiritual journey comes to a dead stop when we cease to question.  Shall we give in to fear and make our journey with God by tearing off the sails of our spirits and casting them into the sea?  There is no difference between the heart of one who gives unquestioning obedience to God and those who place such faith in the greatest of evil.  Both have given up their wings and fallen to the ground.”

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© Copyright 2014 Kenneth J Maxwell Jr.