The Music Theory Advantage TM
Rapid Skill Development with the Cycle of Thirds

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Max Maxwell
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Two Innovations in Teaching Music Theory
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The Music Theory Advantage
TM is the fastest
and most effective way to learn how to:
  • Name the note that is any interval from a Perfect 1st to a Perfect 8th above or below any given note. This includes the interval types of diminished, minor, Major, Augmented and Perfect. You will also learn how to name compound intervals above or below any given note.

  • Spell all triad chords and five common types of seventh chords for any root. After learning to spell intervals you will also be able to easily spell any chord for any root once you memorize (or read) the chord type's interval structure.

  • Spell the scales for all major and minor keys

Now there's no excuse for not mastering the spelling
of intervals, chords and diatonic scales!


Two Methods:

1. Spelling Musical Intervals (and Chords):

a) Memorize the following interval structure forward and backward. ─ A C E G B D F A

b) Learn a few simple rules.

c) With a surprisingly little amount of practice, spell musical intervals with superior skill.

d) Works down to seven years of age. (time to completion varies with age)

e) The ability to spell intervals enables the student to easily spell chords when the interval structure of the chord is known. The interval structure of triads and five types of Seventh chords are taught in the course.

Begin Your Mastery of Interval Spelling Now!

2. Spelling the Scales for the Musical Keys:

a) Memorize an interval structure based on a series of fifths using very fast and effective
     mnemonic techniques.

b) Learn AND remember how to spell the scales much faster than traditional methods.
    (My speed record for teaching an adult student, with no prior musical knowledge,
     how to spell the scales for all the musical keys is less than one half hour.)

c) Works down to seven years of age. (time to completion varies with age)

You must know how to find a minor 3rd above or below any note to take the scales portion of the course. If you do not know, take the interval portion of the course first.

Learn to Spell the Diatonic Scales for the Musical Keys Now!

These methods are so effective that first year elementary school instrument students can surpass the average college music major freshman in the basic music theory skills taught in this course!

Read about the mathematical insight
that led to the development of these two methods.

Read the introduction to the interval portion of the course.

Read a detailed one page Music Theory Advantage CourseTM description.

How to Use this Course

In order to achieve excellence you must master each step before moving on to the next step. This course builds on itself. If you move ahead before you are ready, you will undermine your success. If I tell you to memorize something, memorize it thoroughly! If a particular lesson requires you to be able to do something, practice until you do it quickly and easily.

Master each lesson before proceeding to the next lesson!

If you follow this style of learning, you will be very, very pleased with the results. Your goal is to be able to spell all intervals above or below any note as quickly and as easily as you can name adjacent numbers and to be able to easily spell the scales for the musical keys. When taking the exercises, write down your answers on paper and check them on the answer chart pages.

Copyright 2008-2011 Kenneth J. Maxwell Jr.