Sayings of a Gadfly
by Max Maxwell

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 A pastor said, “I have more than a passing acquaintance with Christian theology.  It is obvious to me that some of my colleagues do not have a proper understanding of God and are headed straight for hell.” 

 The Gadfly said, “I want to show you three numbers.  Two of the numbers I wrote so they would stand out.  A computer just randomly generated the other number.  The first number is 2222.  The second number is 5555.  And the third number is 4732.  Which number is the random one?” 

 The pastor said, “It is obviously the third number.” 

 The Gadfly said, “No, the computer randomly generated the first number.  I wrote the third number so that it would stand out as seeming random.   You see all combinations are equally possible.  But we are used to equating randomness with a lack of visible order.  So the third number is the obvious, but incorrect, choice.  Your presuppositions about randomness lead you to a false conclusion.  Remember also, the more systematic our theology, the more the obvious becomes a path to error.”

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© Copyright 2014 Kenneth J Maxwell Jr.