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Rapid Skill Development with the Cycle of Thirds

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This course teaches you how to spell intervals and chords without the need for any external reference. It is highly recommended that you take this course in the order that it is presented. The course builds upon itself. If you must, you may skip the Chord spelling after taking the first three steps and go to the intervals section. After learning to spell the intervals you can spell chords either in terms of them being stacks of thirds or via their standard interval notation. The only exception is that after mastering the first three steps, you can skip to the scales portion of the course.


Installing the Musical Interval Calculator into Your Mind in Three Steps
These first three steps are necessary to study, if you do not know now to
spell Major and minor 3rds, before you take the scales portion of the course.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three


Spelling Chords with The Cycle of Thirds

Spelling Triad Chords

Spelling Seventh Chords

Spelling Intervals

Perfect Primes and 2nds

Perfect Fifths

Perfect Fourths



Sevenths, Perfect Eighths

Summary of Interval Spelling Rules

Summary for Practicing Intervals

Augmented and Diminished Intervals

Compound Intervals - Coming Soon

Spelling Chords Through Standard Notation - Coming Soon

You must take the following lessons in order. Each lesson builds on previous lessons.



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